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3 Quick Tips for Improving you Etsy Shop!

Do you want to make more sales on Etsy? I have 3 quick tips to improve your etsy shop and help you show up in Etsy search.

1. Look your best! Etsy likes a shop that looks professional and complete. You will rank higher in Etsy search if you have added all the necessary photos in your shop banner, shop icon, and shop owner avatar. Also, be sure you have shop policies in place and your about section is complete.

2. Think like a customer! Your title and tags are prime real estate that will enable you to show up in Etsy search. Use them wisely. Do not waste a tag on jargon or single word phrases. No one is going to search for a painting titled "Blue Mystery" but they may search for an "abstract blue painting" These phrases are referred to "long tail keywords", phrases that a customer would actually type into the search bar.

3. Make the best first impression! Customers can't touch or pick up your item like they would in a store, so you must grab their attention with a stunning first photo. This is the only photo they will see when scrolling through search. A bad photo, no matter how awesome your product, can cause you to lose a sell. Your first listing photo should display your item clearly, and be on brand to create a cohesive shop.

 If you are looking for personalized feedback on your shop that will help you optimize and make more sales check out my etsy coaching services!  Hi! I'm Pam, owner and designer behind paperclutch. I have been selling on Etsy for many years and have made over 4,900 sales using the platform. Head on over to my Work with Me page to get started.

I also offer Etsy training workshops on a varity of topics. Check out the schedule here:

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