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How to Stage a product photoshoot anywhere

When taking product photos it can be expensive to purchase props or even find a location to take your photos. Here is an idea. Grab a friend, your iPhone, and take it to a store. All you need is a phone camera, a fun friend, and photo editing software or an app to create product photos.

1. Arrive at the scene ready to go. If you are in a busy store or out in public with large crowds you need to be ready to strike a pose. At most locations, you will only have a few minutes to capture the photo. Oh and take the gum out of your mouth - haha unlike me.

2. Stage the scene. Move items around so it does not look like a store, hide tags, or position yourself so tags can be photoshopped out during editing. Just remember to be a nice customer and move all items back to their original spot when done.

3. Take a lot of shots. Have your bestie take a ton of photos, keep snapping away, you never know when you will have a good one.

4. Have fun! You are in for some good laughs so have a blast.

5. Edit your photos. Make sure your product is at center stage, adust the lighting and adjust the image to remove any tags or people from the background. In the video below you will see that I never crop an image, I adjust the size by copying the image and making it bigger or smaller. Cropping an image will destroy the resolution.

My favorite editing tool is the levels button. In photoshop select Adjustments - Levels - Then choose the white dropper. Select the area of your image that you want to brighten the whites.

Check out the video to the left for a recap of a fun photoshoot in my all-time favorite art and Craft store Hobby Lobby.

If you are looking for more small business tips check out my etsy coaching services!  Hi! I'm Pam, owner, and designer behind paperclutch. I have been selling on Etsy for many years and have made over 5,000 sales using the platform. Head on over to my Work with Me page to get started.

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