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Let me tell you a story. In 2020 I decided I needed to work more on my personal art journey so I launched @pambaldwinart on Instagram and went for it.  Y'all know me, I fly by the seat of my pants. During this journey, I applied for a grant to take a mini-sabbatical to create a collection of art. It was to be perfect y'all.  Taking an 8-week art course, followed by a 3-4 day retreat to the mountains to create a collection of art. Then followed by an  Art show in June. I mean pie in the sky wonderful. Well, guess what?. I didn't get it.  So it's time to get SCRAPPY!


So let me introduce to you "the Scrappy art sale".  A place where you can purchase original art to support an artist's journey.  All of these pieces were painted by me for a product or just for fun. They live in my scrap pile, a place where my art goes when it is on my computer and no longer needed. Every purchase will help me reach my goal of taking my mini-sabbatical. 


Just because you are told no does not mean you give up.  That closed door is going to open a door to something better.   The art show is already scheduled for June 3rd if you were wondering. 

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